Welcome to RBA
Welcome to the Russ Bond Agency, Inc. (RBA) website. Here you will find all the information about the services we provide to corporate and private clients. RBA was founded in 2003, then incorporated in 2006.

The founder, Russ Bond, has been involved in motorsports for over 20 years. From karter, to professional racer, to motorsports and automotive journalist, Bond teamed up with freelance graphic artist Jim Leggett to spearhead the development of RBA. Also joining the RBA team as it developed were programmer Mike Teng, and photographers Ed Gatner, Paolo Pedicelli and Elizabeth Leggett.

RBA currently services a variety of corporate and private clients as well as owning and operating a variety of websites that include, www.canadiankartingnews.com, www.canadianracers.com, and the fast paced automotive site, www.painkillerz.ca

RBA is your one stop media shop for all your motorsports and automotive needs.